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Recent Changes

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Changes to Regulation 369

Exciting changes to the WA regulations became effective from July 1st.

Regulation 369 concerning qualified educators within the OSHC service has changed. This has an important effect on which of the educators in your OSHC service can now be counted as qualified staff members.

First Qualified Educators in Your Service

The first qualified educator in your service must still have completed an approved ACECQA OSHC qualification for WA. Unless, if they are enrolled in a degree or diploma in children’s studies covering the age range of 4‐14 years under the Australian Qualifications Framework, a Diploma of Children's Services (Outside School Hours Care) or a Diploma of School Age Education and Care, they now only need to have completed 50% of their course, be making satisfactory progress towards completion and be meeting requirements for maintaining enrolment in the course.

The first qualified educator must also have appropriate knowledge, history (such as practical experience) and understanding to effectively supervise and manage the service where they are the person in day‐to‐day charge at the service.

All Subsequent Qualified Educators in Your Service

All subsequent qualified educators at the service can now be actively working towards one of the ACEQCA approved qualifications. As long as you have a First Qualified Educator rostered on the floor at your service, individuals who hold or are actively working towards one of these qualifications may be counted as your subsequent qualified educators.

Additions to ACECQA approved qualifications

ACECQA have added new qualifications for WA to the list.

The ACECQA approved qualifications list has detailed information on which qualifications educators can now be actively working towards to be counted as a first or subsequent qualified educator, as well as some new qualifications.

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