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We recently held a free information session with Natalie Gulberti from ECRU where she discussed OSHC specific information and how it impacts on compliance.

We hope to hold more of these sessions throughout the year, so if you missed out this time please sign up for membership of OSHCwa so that you will be first to know next time!

ECRU session B&W.jpg
At OSHCwa we understand the value of meeting others in our sector and sharing ideas and experiences.
We will be holding regular coffee mornings for OSHCwa members to have a chance to meet each other and have a look around a local OSHC service.
We recognise that the most valuable resources in your service are the staff who work there. This will give you a chance to share your knowledge with other dedicated OSHC educators and learn from those you meet. 
This also gives you an opportunity to let OSHCwa know what matters to you in your service and how we can help you when we are advocating for the OSHC sector in WA. 


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Pause, Rewind, Play.png
Pause, Rewind, Play


OSHCwa member Jonny Neen, runs Pause, Rewind, Play. Located in WA he

provides incursions and professional development opportunities. Head over to his

website for a look.

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