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Program Co-ordinators Resources



Co-ordinating a busy OSHC program is often a matter of juggling and delegating.

To stay in control and on top of things takes careful planning and preparation and often a go with the flow and can do attitude.

Below are some helpful resources to make your day a little easier.


Roles and Responsiblities 

Food & Beverages 
Service environment 

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Learning Experiences 

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Events for children in Perth 

Meal Time Tips


- Ensure your menu contains an actual description of the food and beverages (other than water) that will be served each day.

You may like to email your menu out to families the week prior.


- Ensure that children who have specific nutritional needs have access to alternative menu options as required.

Your service should display a list of this information along with copies of childrens action plans in the food prepartion area as a reminder for staff.


- Get childern involved in the planning, preparation and storage of food items. 

This is a wonderful learning experience for children that will support them to acquire skills they will use everyday for a lifetime.


- Ensure meal times provide children with choices and opportunities for independance as well as providing for their nutritional and developmental needs.

Flexible or rolling meal times provide children with choices of when they eat and can benefit services by providing a smoother transitions between experiences and lessen waiting times.


- Services are required to contact their local council to find out what the local food handling and food prepartion guidelines they should be following and to access food safety training.

Food handling training should be completed regularly.




Eat Smart Play Smart Guide for OSHC was developed by the Heart Foundation as is available to order here 


Eat Smart Play Smart - nutrition and physical activity policy guide


Nutrition Australia also has resources and guidelines for services for more information click here


Merrilinga Nutrition Factsheets for Families 



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