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Educators as life long learners 

Oshawa PD Sessions
Health and Safety OSHC training links WA

OSHCwa PD Sessions


To make a booking email us at



Term 3 2019 

Networking sessions 



We are currently copmpleteing our term calendar for term 3.

If you would likje to hosta a networkling session in your area please let us know by emailing us at



Other OSHC training links

Connecting with families 

- Kidsmatter  (online training)



Offer online training andf webinars







ACECQA approved course code list


Emergency Anaphylaxis Management Training providers




Emergency Asthma Management Training session providers

- Asthma Foundation WA 



First Aid Training providers

- St Johns Ambulance

- Red Cross



Recognised Fire Authorities (who can provide Emergency Evacuation Plan assessments)

- Priotity One

- Dynamiq Trusted Emergency Management


Child Protection Training 

- In Safe Hands


Aqautic rescue/Bronze medallion training providers

- Royal Lifesaving Society WA 

- Surf Life Saving 


Food Safety Training providers 

- In safe hands - OSHC food safety 

- I'm Alert - City of Wanneroo







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