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Educators as life long learners 

Oshawa PD Sessions

OSHCwa PD Sessions


To make a booking email us at



Term 3 2019 

Networking sessions 



We are currently copmpleteing our term calendar for term 3.

If you would likje to hosta a networkling session in your area please let us know by emailing us at



Other OSHC training links

Connecting with families 

- Kidsmatter  (online training)



Offer online training andf webinars







Health and Safety OSHC training links WA

ACECQA approved course code list


Emergency Anaphylaxis Management Training providers




Emergency Asthma Management Training session providers

- Asthma Foundation WA 



First Aid Training providers

- St Johns Ambulance

- Red Cross



Recognised Fire Authorities (who can provide Emergency Evacuation Plan assessments)

- Priotity One

- Dynamiq Trusted Emergency Management


Child Protection Training 

- In Safe Hands


Aqautic rescue/Bronze medallion training providers

- Royal Lifesaving Society WA 

- Surf Life Saving 


Food Safety Training providers 

- In safe hands - OSHC food safety 

- I'm Alert - City of Wanneroo







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